A brief moment into Skateboard History that shaped today

a history of the skateboard

“A brief moment into Skateboard History, Blind skateboards”


 Now lets take a step back to when most of us were sitting around in our underpants playing Mario Bros on the Nes. 

 Time to get Nostalgic

 I wonder if it wasn’t for pioneering companies like blind whether we would even exist, whether the electric skateboard would exist? Whether Skateboards would even be ridden in the present day? 

That’s why I decided to write a brief article about the pioneers of the skateboard back in the day. 

The topic of today’s discussion is “Blind Skateboards” which were considered the authority in the whole world in the early 90s, as Blind was on the peak of its success during that era. Skateboard history started with Blind and basically the company is a pioneer in the skateboard business. 

Blind is the renowned Skateboard Company established in 1989 by Mark Gonzales under the ownership of Steve Rocco’s World Industries Company.  The company’s name is result of the previous sponsors of Mark Gonzales known as Vision Skateboards. Mark Gonzales was the first skateboarder of the company who was in the professional field while the other well-known professional skateboarder Jason Lee was later added in to the company. Guy Marino, Rudy Johnson (From Powel Peralta) were then signed along with Jordan Richter as the vert riders of the company. Danny way another of the Blind’s skateboarder rode for only a brief period of time while the standard pink color vehicle and the skateboard of the company was intended and launched for Danny way. 

According to the Tireless wheels review of Blind skateboards, it is clearly stated that “Blind” was one of the largest skateboard companies in the entire world, because of enormous sale of company’s skateboards and jean’s products. 

Here’s the link to the Tireless wheels review of Blind skateboards: http://tirelesswheels.com/review-blind-skateboards/

The company relaunched its famous pink logo as the celebration of their successfully completed 21 years, and especially for celebrating the success of Blind’s 1990s global recognition.The company decided to incorporate the 90s design once again but in the meantime the company had the logo of stylised grim reaper.


A few features of Blind skateboards, which positions them among the top ten skateboards according to the skateboardabout.com list of top ten skateboard deck brands back in the 90s.

Check this out www.skateboard.about.com/od/boardmaintenance/tp/Top_Skateboard_Deck_Brands.htm