Electric longboard Safety.

Riding your Electric Longboard Safely.


This post will cover, riding Magneto with the power on and off, we will discuss riding your board at some points as if it were a regular longboard as some folks like to hop down a hill from time to time. (make sure you switch the power off).

Electric Longboarding or just longboarding can be an extraordinary approach to releasing yourself. Things can be disorganised and all around unpalatable at work or with companions occasionally, and flying down a road can be a damn decent approach to loosening up, hitting the Magneto acceleration button and just holding it there! However, as cool as the buzz may be, I have more than enough experience to let you know that you’ve gotta ensure you’re finding a way to verify you don’t wind up bleeding or worse. Alongside the correct safety gear, you ought to ensure you’re riding in the right places, because bailing at 20 mph is not going to do much damage, in fact, it’s pretty easy to just jump off the electric longboard and run alongside it, but slamming into something at 20mph, a tree, a car, a person! That’s when the paramedics arrive.

Protective Electric longboard Gear

Head protector/helmet

I’m beginning with the obvious, ensure your head remains on top of your shoulders and unharmed by wearing an appropriately fitting helmet.  Also…dump the earphones. It’s always better to have the ability to hear the activity, personally, when I ind top speed, I find the noise of the wind rushing past me pretty cool!

Slide Gloves:

Of course our boards come with a brake (must not be used with downhill riding) when switched on but if, in the event you decide to us it as a regular longboard, you’re going to need some decent longboarding gloves if you decide you actually like your digits where they are!

Knee and elbow pads: 

Everyone who rides realises that a tumble now and again is unavoidable. There are 2 types riders, those that have fallen and those that are going to fall. Since more often than not a fall is something you couldn’t have anticipated, wearing elbow and knee pads can be a decent approach and us at Magneto strongly advise it at all times. Since you can travel at a speed near that of a moped, the knee and elbow pads will prevent any serious injury to those areas allowing you to skid and go with the fall more, which lead me to the next paragraph.

Falling the right way:

If you end up very nearly falling and you have a few moments to respond, knowing the best possible approach to fall can spare you agony. Moving into and out of the fall, for an occasion, can spare your wrists and knees. Free runners are huge supporters for appropriate falling strategies and rolls. As an electric longboarder/longboarder, you can profit by some of what they’re teaching.

If you are pretty sure you are going to crash! Bail! As said before hitting something and jumping off and running with the board are 2 completely different things. 

Take the Lane:

(we need to say; Do not ride in traffic and on roads but we’re going to talk about it anyway as you probably will ignore that advice). Cars most likely won’t love you as you ride regardless of what they do, so to be protected when riding on open streets don’t start weaving left and right and verify you are “taking the path” Let the car’s pass you and of course keep out of the way.

Ride like a bicyclist, with the activity, not against it. Use, lanes provided and follow the highway code. (of course abiding by laws).

Just Ride During the Day:

When you ride during the evening, you could miss a potential hazard, things that could lead to a fall, things like glass, rocks, street kill, whatever… yet more terrible than not having the capacity to see is not being seen. In the event that you are crazy enough to ride during the evening, light up with a few LEDs for your protective head gear and/or board, also high visibility clothing.

Riding on busy pedestrian sidewalks/paths:

You should keep the board in a dead straight line as much as possible and do not exceed walking speed, however, we completely advise against this.

Lastly, Comply with the Rules/law of the Road, use cycle lanes and clears paths, this is the best way to ride an electric longboard.


Stay safe guys. Riding Magneto is fun, but it’s not worth getting injured over riding carelessly.