Electric Skateboards | Motorized Skateboards legal in California, will it happen elsewhere?

Electric Skateboard California

Electric skateboards legal in California, what are the odds the same law will catch on worldwide making motorized skateboards legal? 


So it’s looking good for Electric Skateboards and similar electric transportation devices in California! From January 2016 it’s becoming legal to ride electric skateboards where it is already legal to ride bicycles.

According to the wall street journal the legislation is a revision of the old ban in 1977 that restricted old school gas powered boards! The bill extended to other motorised devices also. Although apparently the law still allows local communities to officially ban electric boards in their area at their discretion. 

The news is massive to us and we’re so pleased, its completely illogical for the government to ban these devices in cycle areas or designated zones. I mean, its kind of a hypo-critical message with all governments preaching green and offering incentives for green living, where a Magneto Electric Skateboard you can ride for 18 miles on a single 2 hour charge, which will cost around 10 cents approx. 

Electric Skateboards used to be illegal in all public spaces, however they still will be able to regulate the use of them if and when they want to. 

Law: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201520160AB604

Our view on Electric Skateboarding in public areas and their legality. 

OK, of course seemingly we’re going to be coming from a biased place, as electric skateboards being fully legal everywhere in the world will do our sales a massive favour! Unfortunately in some countries  there are laws against riding electric skateboards on public roads and paths, although it is a grey area in most places as the technology is still new and it appears the most you will get from most law enforcement is a stern telling off and a slap on the wrist. 

Congestion in London below

Electric Skateboards london


Lets just make some points first

  • Electric Skateboards cost nothing to run (nearly) therefore offer a green solution.
  • Electric Skateboards can replace the journeys too far to walk but too close to get a Taxi. 
  • Countries such as Britain could massively de-congest the roads by offering more and larger lanes for electric transportation and bicycles, encouraging people to commute this way. 
  • Electric Skateboards fit on tubes, buses, trains and planes! therefore can be used at any part of the commute, making skateboarding more viable and versatile than cycling.
  • Why not? Our Magneto Electric Longboards literally weigh 6 kg, what harm will that do in terms of of property damage? Although I don’t agree with riding at 20 mph on a public path full of pedestrians. I hope nobody is stupid enough to do that!
  • I see the safety angle of riding electronic transportation in public places but why not make it the law that anyone riding electronic transport on public roads has to wear full protective gear and ride in designated areas, wheres the problem? You can of course checkout our riding advice guide


So we are hoping the governments around the world DO take note to how technology is evolving and offering a solution to common problems and that solution is right under the nose of all governments right now.

It will of course ease congestion, reduce greenhouse gases and offer wanna be skateboard riders the choice at least. 

Ultimately our honest opinion at Magneto is that governments around the world will become more relaxed with laws prohibiting the use of electric transportation and will wake up and start seeing the benefits of quieter roads and happier commuters!

AKA waking up and smelling the coffee! 

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