Longboard cruising ethics and manners

The Ethics and Manners of Cruising on a Longboard 

Okay. So you just bought your first Longboard, and you can’t do much more than cruise. You might think, hey, I’ll just push all over the road and have fun! And you are correct. However, you must do this politely in order not to make anyone angry. Because I’m telling you, people get angry at skateboarders incredibly intensely and it isn’t something you will enjoy seeing.

So here, I present to you, 4 things you can do to preserve your dignity on a longboard. (And not get killed)

One. Know when to go fast.

Yes, yes, I know, going fast is incredible and it’s honestly the only thing that rustles your jimmies when you get better. I know that feeling. However, the feeling of running into people’s shins and squashing into their backpacks isn’t a great one either. Plus, they’ll probably start spitting in your face as soon as they get up. You don’t want this. Instead, go fast when there aren’t many people, or when everyone is staggered at different distances. As long as you know that you can weave around them, don’t worry about slowing down too much.

Two. Make hand signals.

The thing about longboarding is that people don’t know to just stay put. They always try to get out of your way, which is quite ironically incredibly annoying and dangerous when it comes to it. One of my greatest pieces of advice to offer is to point in the direction that you will be going in the next 10 seconds. When you do this, people will either move in that direction or they will assume you are going in that direction and just stay in the same place. Make your decision here and move in whatever direction you think is right.

Three. Don’t hog the road.

Many times, you will be on that path or road with a lot of other longboarders. Namely, freestylers and freeriders. These riders demand a lot of space to do what they do. They’re flying and sliding all over the place, and really, you don’t want to be in their way when they get into it. My advice is to always stay on one side of the road. Don’t unpredictably carve all over the road, that may get you hit in the shin or have your board smashed against another. That isn’t good.

Four. Enjoy the sights!

Pushing down a random road is no fun. Cruising is best when you go see things. Skate from store to store, restaurant to restaurant. Hold a burrito in one hand, hold your phone in the other. This is why you chose a longboard over a bike! Have a conversation with a friend while cruising. These are all great things to do when boarding. My personal favorite is urban exploring. Go follow weird roads and bike paths as far as you can take them, and you will eventually come to a place nobody really goes. Spread a cloth, have a picnic.

-Ryan L, Longboarder.

Improving the perception of Longboarding

Improving/Morphing the image of longboarding.

In my experience in the community, I’ve quite often noted the light that longboarding is portrayed in as a sport and activity by the general population.

To start off, it’s worth noting that downhill longboarding isn’t nearly as official as many people would like it to be. It isn’t recognized as an X-Games sport, nor is it all that recognized as a mainstream sport that is able to be competed in a civil manner. Longboarding is seen more as a hobby or pastime to most people who are largely uneducated about the sport, which is unfortunate. After some intense thought, I have come to build an explanation as to why this is the case.

Much of this situation stems from the way that longboarding is portrayed in the media.

We can compare the media coverage of longboarding to the coverage of skateboarding events. There are indeed skateboarding events on television, where skateboarders do tricks and competitions in closed environments, where there doesn’t seem to be any perceivable dangers to threaten the safety of the skateboarders themselves. Because of this, most people who watch these events on television or on the internet don’t think too far into the safety aspect of skateboarding.

However, the coverage of longboarding is actually much more direly ignorant. Usually, longboarding ends up on local news as a dangerous extreme sport that reckless kids do and get hit in the process.

None of the safe aspects of the sport are broadcast at all, it’s usually videos of uneducated long boarders racing down busy highways and public roadways without spotters and proper safety equipment, which is understandably met which much anger and hate from populations around the area.

There is also a plethora of longboarding crash videos which show people being bodied by cars and curbs, which doesn’t help the situation at all.

What they don’t realize is that longboarding is actually as educated as skateboarders and other extreme sports, such as BMX biking and downhill cycling. Spotters are used by smart people wanting to ride smart, safety gear is worn, and the skaters themselves don’t push themselves beyond their abilities.

Races are always held on closed roads, EMS and medical staff may be on scene as well. The point is, longboarders take many safety precautions as well, but the media turns a blind eye to these precautions.

There are great ways to prevent your local longboarding community from being shown in a bad light.

One community at a time, it is absolutely necessary that we improve in image and reputation if longboarding is to become recognized as a viable sport for anyone.

Wear a helmet, wear protection. The less people get hurt, the more people will appreciate the way we go about bombing hills and cruising fast. Don’t show people getting hurt. If you get a video of a friend crashing, don’t show it. But most importantly, make sure you enjoy the sport. Saying good things about longboarding out of your heart will make people want to try it out. We want new friends! We want new ride buddies! Don’t be afraid to teach them how to longboard.

Ps Peace and love Magneto – the best longboard brands ever!

WEAR A HELMET. Ryan L, Longboarder.

A quick guide for the beginner longboarder.


Things you need to know before you longboard:

Looking for a detailed guide on how to start longboarding? Look no further.

The first thing you’ll need is a board.

Your first board should be something easy to ride, and relatively inexpensive, such as a Magneto Long board.

Having a cheap, but sturdily build board will ensure that you are not afraid to thrash it and wreck it, however have a relatively easy time learning how to ride it.

Having a relatively large standing platform will help as well, anything from 38-40 inches long will give you enough room to stumble and explore.
For your first board, aim to buy a pre-built complete, as you can hop on and start riding right away!
Learn to push.
It may look easy, but learning to push well can be a chore. However, this is a fundamental skill that you must absolutely learn. Without pushing, you will not get anywhere, and without getting anywhere, standing on a longboard will be, well, literally standing on a longboard. You don’t want that. You want to be gliding over sidewalks at speeds exceeding a jogger! Some tips:

Bend your knees! Bending your knees will help you reach the ground and get a stronger push. Practice riding with one foot on the board! This will help you balance as you push.
Push from the front of your board, all the way to the back of your board. Having a strong, full stride will have you going much further than you would if you hadn’t had a strong, full stride.

Learn to bail.

Falling off your board is something you’ll be doing all the time as a longboarder, beginner or not. So, it’s a good idea to learn how to bail. Now, everyone bails differently. Some people aim for grass, some people deck themselves out with full pads, but I always find that rolling is the best way to bail. (Only at low speeds, of course.) This means that when you fall, you roll as soon as you reach the ground. This makes sure that you don’t get any road rash, and that all your skin stays intact throughout the bail, which is always a nice thing. And as always, wear a helmet!
Learn to stop.

Footbraking seems simple; you put your foot down on the ground and drag, right? But it isn’t as simple as you might think. It takes practice.

First, start by practicing riding your board with your front foot on your board and nothing else. The foot should be facing forwards. Just balance on your board, up to a decent rolling speed. Think about how ast you’ll probably be going when you’re cruising.

Second, bend the knee of the leg that is on the board. Remember to keep your foot facing forward and your other foot next to this foot, hanging in the air. Bend it so that your upper body is moving straight up and down, and not forwards or backwards. Think that you are doing squats.
Third, place the heel of the foot that is off of the board on the ground, and let it drag. Don’t apply any pressure, but make sure to keep your foot up and parallel to the ground.
Fourth, start applying a bit of pressure to stop better. Now you can stop!

Learn to turn.

This is the last and most complicated step, as learning to turn impulsively and getting familiar enough with the board to think of it as an extension of your own body is quite hard. For this, you will just need tons of practice and experience. Remember, G-force and leaning are your best friends!

Go and get a board! You’ll have fun. Always wear a helmet!


The best day out on a Longboard ever!


The best day Longboarding!

This is a story of the day, or rather, the best night I’ve had to date.

This is in the very, very beginning of my career as a longboarder. Before you know, all the gnarly high speed runs and the standup slides, even before I did my first coleman slide to slow down! Actually, if I do remember correctly, this is even before I learned to sufficiently footbrake.

Anyways, so this was about one and a half months into my longboarding career, I haven’t fully embraced efficient, full pushing yet, and I was still doubting myself on my capabilities. However, one day, my friend messaged me on Facebook, insisting that I go with him to a mellow downhill run to the local burger joint. I was hungry and always willing to challenge myself, I accepted. After this, I tuned up my bearings, cleaned my trucks, and even though I had some pretty bad bushings back then, I cleaned those too. And so I went and met them at the station. It wasn’t just him; it was a whole group of people! There were downhillers, there were freeriders, some groms with no experience on cruisers, and I believe there was also a rollerblader there. (No idea how he got in!) And so we went. The downhillers went in the front, absolutely ravaging the slope, miles ahead of us, and then the freerides went, and then we went. Surprisingly enough, I stayed with the freeriders, it must have been the fresh bearings! This was an almost 15 minute long run. It wasn’t fast, and it wasn’t threatening at all, in fact I had enough composure at that speed to have conversations with people. Tuck and move up, get a chat with this guy, maybe fall back a bit and talk to this girl. It was an eye-opening experience, really.

Like I said, this run was about 15 minutes long. So 15 minutes later, we all landed at an A&W (A Canadian burger chain, delicious), and we all ordered our own meals. We all put the tables together into this huge mile-long thing and sat around it, getting rowdy at 10:30 at night at this burger chain. It’s dark outside, but nobody seems to be tired at all! We’re talking about gear, girls, boys, dreams, university, it just went on and on and on in this seemingly neverending energy-filled conversation between 10 people all brought together by longboarding. Everyone was incredibly friendly, and I’m just sitting there thinking, “Wow, I need more of this.”.

At that point, my head just went from aiming for a casual, cruising kind of longboarding career into pursuing what all these people had; something to improve on daily and show off at meetups. I started giving to the community, donating gear, donating money to hold competitions. And that’s how I am here now. That fateful night 2 months after I picked up my first board at the shop, when my friend invited me, an unknowing grom, to a skaters’ hangout. You can do it too. Pick up your first board, have fun.

-Ryan L. Longboarder.


Ride your Magneto Electric Skateboard safe.


Ride safe today so you can ride tomorrow.


Lee from Magneto here.

I have noticed from some social media pictures that some of you guys may not be wearing proper safety equipment.

I hate to sound like your dad but…


People break bones everyday regular Longboarding and Skateboarding.

Our board has a motor attached, it deserves respect, if you don’t give it respect it will hurt you, period.

Skateboarding/Longboarding is considered an extreme sport, so what does that make electric skateboarding?

An Extreme, Extreme sport at least! Would you go rock climbing without a rope?

Please do follow the advice on our safety page and be aware.

*Wear full protective gear, especially helmet and wrist protection.

*Do not ride in traffic.

*Learn to foot brake- master this.

*Learn to fall.

*Learn to bail.

*Always be prepared for a sudden stop.

*Do not ride at full speed or FAST in a place where you are going to need to brake suddenly.

*Know that you are riding something remotely controlled and although really, really rare, interference is possible.

Again, sorry to sound long winded but please go out and buy safety gear today, wrist protection and helmet should be no.1 and no.2 on the list and give our Longboard the same respect you would give anything else that can hurt or even kill you if not used correctly.

Electric Longboarding is fun, don’t make it painful.

Ride safe.

Lee, Magneto.


Ten things you are missing out on if you don’t longboard



Longboarding is better than you may think it is. In fact, I can list off 10 things that you are missing out on

Check out our electric skateboard blog post.

10 things your missing out on if you don’t Longboard, right off the top of my head. Ready?

One. Longboarding is efficient.

If you don’t have any interest in going into the hardcore longboarding sports such as freeride or downhill, you can rest easy knowing that longboarding is probably one of the best ways to get around town and from point A to point B. They’re fast enough to travel in bike lanes (once you get good at pushing), small enough that you can carry them into cafes and into your workplace, and fashionable enough that you won’t be sneered at on the street. Why walk when you can travel 30 steps in one push?

Two. Longboarding is exercise.

Pushing a longboard 4 miles will tone your legs, your core, and your brain. After 7 months of longboarding, I have toned, muscular calves and legs that can outrun a moderate runner. Furthermore, I have more patience with myself now as I know that I can endure 4 miles of rhythmic pushing. It’s really good exercise and training.

Three. Longboarding opens up new doors.

Personally, I’ve never been good at any of the athletic sports. However, ever since I started longboarding, I have picked up and been absorbed into the competitive community where I now race alongside many others. Don’t want to play football or soccer? Try longboarding. You can get the same experience but with more fun and more community.

Four. The community.

Unlike many boarding communities, the longboarding community is absolutely filled with angels. Need help with something? They’ll help you out. Don’t have enough money for new wheels? I’ve been straight up handed a fresh set just because the other person wanted me to be able to board at the meetup. They will help you with new setups, come out just to help you learn to slide. We are welcoming, and that’s rare these days.

Five. It’s great for your social life!

Longboarding is quite surprisingly a great conversation starter. If you walk into a room with your longboard, chances are high that someone will want to stand on it, maybe even ask you to teach you how to ride it! If you put on some funky light up wheels, you can increase this factor tenfold. But don’t do that. They’re slow.

Six. It’s something to work on.

For someone like me who has way too much free time, longboarding has been a great way to spend my
time. Whether I’m out learning new slides or boarding around the city exploring, I’ve always found longboarding to be the epitome of enjoying quiet time.

Seven. It’ll make you love the outdoors.

If you ever thought you needed an excuse to go outside, longboarding is one. Since much of the longboarding action happens on bike paths and homey streets in your neighborhood, you’ll come to love rushing by trees and looking up at the sky at 20 km/h. Remember when your mom said “Take in the green”? This is a great way to do it.

Eight. You’ll make connections.

Believe it or not, longboarding opens up huge career opportunities! Being a longboarder and being in the community really loads you up with information that will let you work at skateshops and maybe even become sponsored in the long run! Why work at a job you don’t like when you can be surrounded by the culture you love, and get paid for it?

Nine. It will give you motivation.

Personally, I’ve always been super lazy with the things I have to do, such as schoolwork. However, when I think, “If I get this done, I can go out and longboard.”, I always get this huge burst of energy from which I can complete my schoolwork in no time at all. And then I go out and go fast. Just send it.

Ten. Adrenaline.

This is the most important aspect of longboarding. I didn’t enjoy adrenaline before, but now I do, immensely. No longer am I afraid of rollercoasters or fast cars, no longer am I afraid to try new things, because longboarding gives you all of that. Longboarding teaches you to override your fear of going fast because going fast is so enjoyable on a longboard. In the end, I highly recommend longboarding as your favorite pastime.

I hope to see you at my next race.

Ryan L. Longboarder.


The History of the Electric Skateboard

History Of Electric Skateboarding | Electric Longboard 

Back in 1975 the first motor based board ‘electric skateboard’ was actually non-electric! The Motoboard. As we know now, came in to production- which is kind of contradictory to the title I know!

The initial longboard was a gasoline powered one and it became the initial concept for current electric skateboards. These gasoline powered longboards were banned as they were causing too much pollution and were extremely noisy.


Electric skateboard

In late 1990’s Louie Finkle introduced the world to a new type of skateboard which was the new wireless form of electric skateboards. The product was revolutionary and was an instant hit, but yes it was pretty expensive so it couldn’t be owned by everyone. In 2006, a group of friends collaborated together to improve the model of Louie’s electric skateboards.

Nonetheless, after the development of the gasoline powered skateboards, there were a fair few reasons which caused these motorised boards to get banned like: noise produced by the engines and gasoline engines that were creating pollution.  But the fact is that California is a ruling state for producing motorised skateboards

However, the awesome news that the ban of riding electric skateboard has now been lifted in California is just immense and reversing the outdated 1977 ban was the right thing to do. You can read more here: electric skateboard ban lifted.

There are some hazards that are associated with the electric longboarding industry and road accidents are one of the major concerns. Hence, under the 2054 bill number, it’s been cleared that electric longboards cannot cross the speed limit of 20 Mph. It is also wise to mention these that any loss associated with electric skateboards are not covered by most insurance policies.

The use of longboards is very common among youngsters but not every normal individual was able to enjoy these slick electric rides. However, with the current advancement and development of new companies such as ours and the Magneto being a good example, electric longboards are becoming more easily available for public use. 

The speed and actual capacity of an electric longboard depends on many variables including but not limited to, the battery used for fueling it, lithium or lead, the size of the battery and of course the quality and the output of the motor and drive system.

We decided, to provide an all round experience for our users with selling a board that will offer speeds up to 20mph delivered from a powerful 1200W brushless motor. An 8AH Lithium battery is capable of providing riders with hours of use and a 14-17 mile range- this is massively dependant on riding style, surface friction and gradient. The Magneto is also built for carving and handling with it’s concave deck shape. We are also conscious the weight and charge time were big factors in solving the last mile problem so the Magneto board is light at 6KG and a full charge takes between 2-3 hours. 


Here’s some footage that depicts how far we have come. 





Hope you enjoyed the post guys, piece out. Magneto Electric Skateboards.

Cool Skate locations for riding your Electric Longboard

I genuinely can’t imagine many things better, 3 inches above the tarmac, the wind in my hair and beautiful scenery whizzing past. No windows, no doors. Just the road and the view. Add the feeling of adrenaline and the addictive skill set required to skate an electric board with ease compounded by the above, it pretty much guarantees that you have all the ingredients for an experience that will in-grain itself into your memory for a very longtime. 

Heres a list of cool locations to head out for a skate on your electric longboard. 


Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa

electric longboard

Calling all adrenaline junkies only! This awesome road overlooks the sea and makes you feel like you’re travelling alongside the mountains edge. It has 114 curves- so have fun carving whilst ‘soaking’ (pun intended) up the view! Not for the feint hearted thats for sure. Find out more


A82 Road, Scotland

electric longboard


We may actually make a video riding this road. If you live near or are visiting Scotland, or hell you want a fun weekend away with your Magneto, this road in Glencoe is just insane. Filled with winds, bends, historical bridges and gorgeous countryside. Find out more


Hana Highway, Hawai

electric longboard


You’ll want to set your Magneto electric longboard to cruise for this one so you can take in all the scenery. I doubt there are many roads that can compare to the diversity of this one. Waterfalls, rainforests, oceans. Sheer awesomeness and we’re bias as we know we are better on 4 wheels and a deck. Find out more


Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, USA

electric longboard


This a vibrant colourful road and gives you an awesome view of the Appalachian Highlands. Well recommended you take a cruise. Find out more


Valley of Fire road, Nevada.

electric longboard


Like red? You’re in for a treat, sand stones are in abundance here and the road is super smooth and windy,… Fun!!! Find out more

Milford road, New Zealand 

Electric skateboard is it legal?

Have you seen Lord of the Rings? How about revisiting you’re favourite scenes on your electric longboard? Milford road was a hotspot during the filming and runs through the middle of the Southern Alps. Find out more


Overseas Highway, Florida, USA

electric longboard

Imagine gliding along this on your Magneto electric longboard, mile after mile of ocean, no windows, just you. 3 inches above the tarmac whizzing along observing the view as it whizzes past. I can’t imagine many experiences better equalling this. Find out more


Finger Lakes Highway, NY, USA
electric longboard
NY will always be a sick place to ride and this section offers space. The views range from classic farm houses, local wineries, small towns….. and of course finger lakes! Take a look if you’ve got your Magneto in the NY area. 
We’re looking at extending this post. Live near or know of some roads you think we should would be sick to skate on? Take some pictures and email them over lee@magnetoelectricskateboard.com and we’ll feature them.
Ride safe guys and don’t do anything I wouldn’t. Peace out. Magneto. 

Looking after your Electric Longboard

electric longboard


Look after your Magneto electric longboard and it’ll look after you.


This post actually applies to most electric longboards/electric skateboards on the market at the moment. 

Only over the last few years have we been able to make batteries able to last long enough (ours 25KM range.)

and motors powerful, small and light enough to fit on a portable object able to carry a person at speed.

But here’s the thing…. 

Even though we have reached a point where we have technology able to carry a person 20 miles per hour and said device weighing only 6kg I get the impression that there is also an expectation that this stuff has to be in-destructable too. 

I spent 2 years riding prototypes and some of the bails and falls I had were spectacular, one standing out in particular:

I was on the top floor of a car park riding in the wet, I punched top speed on the remote and must of hit a divet in the concrete floor, the board come out from underneath me, I hit the deck and as I looked up I saw our precious magneto electric longboard hurtling into a solid wall at full speed, the bang echoed throughout the car park. I looked down at my thumb and I was still holding the throttle at FULL SPEED! oops. That was a 20mph mission into the concrete abyss, however to my surprise the Magneto survived! 

In terms of knocks and bumps our boards are impressive to be quite frank, I can’t guarantee every magneto board will survive a crash like that (and if you do crash your board and wreck it, it’s not covered under warranty so don’t ride like an idiot like me!)


Here are the top 4 things to be aware of and most are applicable to all electric longboards/skateboards in the market at present! 


1.) Skating downhill. 
Be careful riding your Magneto Electric Longboard down steep hills with the power on, the Magneto is ok with the occasional hill, but braking downhill continuously eventually wears the motor out and you will end up with a dead board, a new motor solves this problem.
When riding downhill switch the power off and skate the Magneto like a regular longboard, perhaps invest in some long boarding gloves for these parts of your journeys. 
2. ) Try not to get them wet 
 Our boards are splash resistant, not water proof. Riding through light rain or on a damp surface is fine but if you get the underside saturated by riding through puddles and in heavy rain, you could end up causing a problem with the electrics. You’ll need to put you board in a warm dry place for a few days and let it dry out, this usually cures it. 
3.) Bumpy, un-even surfaces
Riding on your Magneto Electric Longboard on very bumpy surfaces, like cobbled streets is not advised.
4.) protect the remote
Without a doubt the remote is the part that is the easiest to break so if you bail, of course- don’t die doing it, but protect the remote where possible and use the wrist-straps provided. 
I hope this post clears up some questions you might have. Our boards are Frickin’ awesome and we would rather be completely transparent so everyone can keep riding! If you don’t do any of the 4 listed above expect your electric longboard to serve you well, if you do give us a shout and we’ll help you diagnose any problems and send you the parts required to get back riding. 
Peace out, Magneto Electric Longboards

Skateboarding games

Here’s a nostalgia inducing list of skateboard games 


 Hell, even if you are not looking for an electric longboard and you’re here by accident you’ve still probably played an skateboard game! from Tony hawk to the Simpson’s they’re has been a variety of skateboard games over the last 20 years, lets delve in and get nostalgic. 

 It all began on the Atari back in the late 80s 



Skate boardin’ (Atari 2600 VCS, 1987)



skateboard game



Indeed one of the very first, if not the first skateboarding game, made by absolute entertainment. Hilariously so old that skateboarding was not used as single term at that point “skateboarding”. 

However, kudos to anyone who is the first despite the poor graphics.

Some more info here on skate boardin’


Time to change console and upgrade a to the first REAL mainstream console, sadly for me I am old enough to remember the late nights playing this in my pyjamas, however I was more of a Mario or Zelda player back in the day.’



Town & country surf designs: Wood & Water (NES-1988)



skateboard game



 The titles a bit of mouthful, eh? 

We thought one of the early skateboard titles on the NES was worth a mention? Anyone play this? 

10/10 for nostalgia! 



Skate or Die! (NES & PC 1988)



skateboarding game



Probably the first title we’re mentioning that you may briefly recollect, Skate or Die one of the members in the EARLY skateboard game hall of fame. 

If you love the retro scene and have never played this, check it out, its so typically indicative of the Retro era its amusing. 

More info on Skate or Die 



Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (Multiple Platforms, 1999)



skateboard game



 The first major mainstream skateboard game, featuring no other than the world renown Tony Hawk

I remember playing this on Playstation 1 back in the day

This game really started the skateboard game movement and SMASHED IT IN THE REVIEWS

enough said. 



Grind Session (PlayStation, 2000)



skateboard game



This is a 3rd person skate anywhere type get up, its worth mentioning, but not quite as good as some of its competitors in this era in my opinion, however it did feature some of the pro’s: Daewon song, Ed Templeton, Cara Burnside. 

It was however a Skateboard game that the critics loved, check out the review



ESPN X-Games Skateboarding  (PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, 2001)



skateboard game



Swiftly moving to the next generation now and its an ESPN game, unlike previous releases this version featured skateboarding only. 

X-games got mixed review and did live up to the hype or compared to games such as Tony Hawk’s pro skater 3.  

Although one thing that was pretty cool, is it did feature a soundtrack from Linkin park. 

Review by Gamespot



Skate  (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mobile, 2007)



skateboard game



  Jumping forward on to yet another generation it brings us to nearly now in terms of graphics. 

After Tony Hawk had dominated the skateboarding market, Skate was finally a title to stand up to the big bully Hawk. 

Skate also had a note-worthy online mode. 

The most important this to say about Skate is got rad reviews, click here for Gamespots full review



Shaun White Skateboarding  (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PC, 2010)



shaun white skateboard game



Shaun White is super well known for snowboarding, it turns out this dude is multi-talented. His renown for his Skateboarding tricks and contest victories- so he got his very own video game, woo hoo!

Sadly it received a less than average review, here’s IGN’s take.

Ps- if you’re real life skater check out our post on safety.



Tony Hawk’s PRO SKATER 5, (Playstation 4 September 2015)



skateboard gaming



Sadly this game was destroyed by the critics, we were hoping the first leap into the generation of today would have been a big one, sadly not. 

Check out the review by Eurogamer

Check out our post Riding an electric skateboard like a Ninja for inspiration.

Ohh one I missed…. 



The Simpsons Skateboarding, (Playstation 2002)



simpsons skateboarding



It turns out Springfield has been converted into a Skatepark for the annual Skate tour. 

All the voices in the game were recorded by the actual actors.

However The Simpsons Skateboarding received a painfully low score on metacritic of 38/100


Playing games really is no substitute for the real thing, although we all like to chill with a good game in front of the TV now and then and I had some great times playing some of these titles. 


Magneto over and out.