Ten things you are missing out on if you don’t longboard



Longboarding is better than you may think it is. In fact, I can list off 10 things that you are missing out on

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10 things your missing out on if you don’t Longboard, right off the top of my head. Ready?

One. Longboarding is efficient.

If you don’t have any interest in going into the hardcore longboarding sports such as freeride or downhill, you can rest easy knowing that longboarding is probably one of the best ways to get around town and from point A to point B. They’re fast enough to travel in bike lanes (once you get good at pushing), small enough that you can carry them into cafes and into your workplace, and fashionable enough that you won’t be sneered at on the street. Why walk when you can travel 30 steps in one push?

Two. Longboarding is exercise.

Pushing a longboard 4 miles will tone your legs, your core, and your brain. After 7 months of longboarding, I have toned, muscular calves and legs that can outrun a moderate runner. Furthermore, I have more patience with myself now as I know that I can endure 4 miles of rhythmic pushing. It’s really good exercise and training.

Three. Longboarding opens up new doors.

Personally, I’ve never been good at any of the athletic sports. However, ever since I started longboarding, I have picked up and been absorbed into the competitive community where I now race alongside many others. Don’t want to play football or soccer? Try longboarding. You can get the same experience but with more fun and more community.

Four. The community.

Unlike many boarding communities, the longboarding community is absolutely filled with angels. Need help with something? They’ll help you out. Don’t have enough money for new wheels? I’ve been straight up handed a fresh set just because the other person wanted me to be able to board at the meetup. They will help you with new setups, come out just to help you learn to slide. We are welcoming, and that’s rare these days.

Five. It’s great for your social life!

Longboarding is quite surprisingly a great conversation starter. If you walk into a room with your longboard, chances are high that someone will want to stand on it, maybe even ask you to teach you how to ride it! If you put on some funky light up wheels, you can increase this factor tenfold. But don’t do that. They’re slow.

Six. It’s something to work on.

For someone like me who has way too much free time, longboarding has been a great way to spend my
time. Whether I’m out learning new slides or boarding around the city exploring, I’ve always found longboarding to be the epitome of enjoying quiet time.

Seven. It’ll make you love the outdoors.

If you ever thought you needed an excuse to go outside, longboarding is one. Since much of the longboarding action happens on bike paths and homey streets in your neighborhood, you’ll come to love rushing by trees and looking up at the sky at 20 km/h. Remember when your mom said “Take in the green”? This is a great way to do it.

Eight. You’ll make connections.

Believe it or not, longboarding opens up huge career opportunities! Being a longboarder and being in the community really loads you up with information that will let you work at skateshops and maybe even become sponsored in the long run! Why work at a job you don’t like when you can be surrounded by the culture you love, and get paid for it?

Nine. It will give you motivation.

Personally, I’ve always been super lazy with the things I have to do, such as schoolwork. However, when I think, “If I get this done, I can go out and longboard.”, I always get this huge burst of energy from which I can complete my schoolwork in no time at all. And then I go out and go fast. Just send it.

Ten. Adrenaline.

This is the most important aspect of longboarding. I didn’t enjoy adrenaline before, but now I do, immensely. No longer am I afraid of rollercoasters or fast cars, no longer am I afraid to try new things, because longboarding gives you all of that. Longboarding teaches you to override your fear of going fast because going fast is so enjoyable on a longboard. In the end, I highly recommend longboarding as your favorite pastime.

I hope to see you at my next race.

Ryan L. Longboarder.