Why The Electric longboard is better than the futuristic hover board seen in Back to the Future

Why The Electric Longboard is better than Hover boards!


Electric skateboards


  • So we all remember the hover-board Hoax! here’s why you should be more excited about our Magneto electric skateboards! Faster, MUCH faster! Our boards will hit 30KPH, in the film back to the future, Marty has to put a hell of a lot of effort into making his board Gooooo anywhere! Electric skateboards are effortless!


  • Real Hover boards ACTUALLY exist, but guess what…. They only work above metal! Hmmmm..Good luck with that!


  • Lets respect the real technology here, the technology to make an electric device that weighs just 6KG and can a human of 107KG and propel them to 30KPH is just immense, but thats the half of it, it rides like an extension of you’re body and will cover a 25KM range. Just absorb that for a second….. This technology just wasn’t around up until a year ago!



  • Lexus are making their prototype hover board….Can you imagine how expensive its going to be?$1000s!


  • Hover boards don’t work on water. Ahhhhh, just kidding, electric longboard’s don’t either, but they handle like an extension of your body on most terrain, unlike the hover board which I imagine handling like a 20 metre barge! Hypothetical speculation of course!


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