Free Electric Skateboard when you buy an Audi!

At Beijing’s car show the other week Audi unveiled a new mobility concept – and I’m sure the fact being that you’re on an electric skateboard website, you know what that concept is. 

Of course, it’s an electric skateboard included in the car. Pretty cool the way it sits in a dedicated space under the bumper! Check out more details from the: VERGE 

electric skateboard with audi

You might be wondering why the hell we are covering this. After all, it’s got nothing to do with our brand and what we’re doing.

Well if you did think that, you missed a trick.

For us, this means the electric skateboard is going out to the mainstream, no longer is it an esoteric gadgety  toy and what brand could be more mainstream than Audi after all.

At the end of the day, there’s a very simple reason why electric skateboards or electric longboards are going mainstream. (of course, the original appeal is either the gadget guy or the ex-longboarder who’s now too long in the tooth to push). 

The reason is this. Are you ready? 

Electric Skateboards are USEFUL

Despite being cool and currently maybe only appealing to esoteric groups, they actually solve a very, very obvious problem. A problem we all face, not just the cool ex-longboarder, or gadget guy has this problem. 

They solve the problem of short journeys too far to walk and too close to call a cab. ‘The last mile solution’ But let me just edit that sentence slightly: Electric Skateboards are a damn COOL way to get around. 

Audi jumping on the bandwagon and what does/could it mean. 

Finally, electric skateboards will be looked at as the legitimate solution they are, I think it won’t be long before we see BMW and other brands jump on the trend because electric skateboards aren’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future. 

I also thinking this mainstream light will serve in another way. The LAW. 

Currently, in many countries, it’s a gray area, most laws are out of date in regards to electric travel. Soon we may see an overhaul of electric vehicle laws or lack of, or gray areas being amended, as the benefits are blindingly obvious. 

1.) 100% portability. 

2.) SUPER Eco-friendly. 

3.) Solves the last mile solution.

4.) F****** Cool (excuse my French) as opposed to other ways to travel via motor driven electric device, eg the hover board or electric scooter, which to be quite frank, well I better stop there as I realized this post is becoming biased and opinionated! 

To summarize. 

We at Magneto welcome Audi into the electric Longboard/electric skateboard scene with open arms and look forward to other major brands doing the same. 

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Peace & Love, 

Magneto Team