Cool Skate locations for riding your Electric Longboard

I genuinely can’t imagine many things better, 3 inches above the tarmac, the wind in my hair and beautiful scenery whizzing past. No windows, no doors. Just the road and the view. Add the feeling of adrenaline and the addictive skill set required to skate an electric board with ease compounded by the above, it pretty much guarantees that you have all the ingredients for an experience that will in-grain itself into your memory for a very longtime. 

Heres a list of cool locations to head out for a skate on your electric longboard. 


Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa

electric longboard

Calling all adrenaline junkies only! This awesome road overlooks the sea and makes you feel like you’re travelling alongside the mountains edge. It has 114 curves- so have fun carving whilst ‘soaking’ (pun intended) up the view! Not for the feint hearted thats for sure. Find out more


A82 Road, Scotland

electric longboard


We may actually make a video riding this road. If you live near or are visiting Scotland, or hell you want a fun weekend away with your Magneto, this road in Glencoe is just insane. Filled with winds, bends, historical bridges and gorgeous countryside. Find out more


Hana Highway, Hawai

electric longboard


You’ll want to set your Magneto electric longboard to cruise for this one so you can take in all the scenery. I doubt there are many roads that can compare to the diversity of this one. Waterfalls, rainforests, oceans. Sheer awesomeness and we’re bias as we know we are better on 4 wheels and a deck. Find out more


Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, USA

electric longboard


This a vibrant colourful road and gives you an awesome view of the Appalachian Highlands. Well recommended you take a cruise. Find out more


Valley of Fire road, Nevada.

electric longboard


Like red? You’re in for a treat, sand stones are in abundance here and the road is super smooth and windy,… Fun!!! Find out more

Milford road, New Zealand 

Electric skateboard is it legal?

Have you seen Lord of the Rings? How about revisiting you’re favourite scenes on your electric longboard? Milford road was a hotspot during the filming and runs through the middle of the Southern Alps. Find out more


Overseas Highway, Florida, USA

electric longboard

Imagine gliding along this on your Magneto electric longboard, mile after mile of ocean, no windows, just you. 3 inches above the tarmac whizzing along observing the view as it whizzes past. I can’t imagine many experiences better equalling this. Find out more


Finger Lakes Highway, NY, USA
electric longboard
NY will always be a sick place to ride and this section offers space. The views range from classic farm houses, local wineries, small towns….. and of course finger lakes! Take a look if you’ve got your Magneto in the NY area. 
We’re looking at extending this post. Live near or know of some roads you think we should would be sick to skate on? Take some pictures and email them over and we’ll feature them.
Ride safe guys and don’t do anything I wouldn’t. Peace out. Magneto.