Ride your Magneto Electric Skateboard safe.


Ride safe today so you can rideĀ tomorrow.


Lee from Magneto here.

I have noticed from some social media pictures that some of you guys may not be wearing proper safety equipment.

I hate to sound like your dad but…


People break bones everyday regular Longboarding and Skateboarding.

Our board has a motor attached, it deserves respect, if you don’t give it respect it will hurt you, period.

Skateboarding/Longboarding is considered an extreme sport, so what does that make electric skateboarding?

An Extreme, Extreme sport at least! Would you go rock climbing without a rope?

Please do follow the advice on our safety page and be aware.

*Wear full protective gear, especially helmet and wrist protection.

*Do not ride in traffic.

*Learn to foot brake- master this.

*Learn to fall.

*Learn to bail.

*Always be prepared for a sudden stop.

*Do not ride at full speed or FAST in a place where you are going to need to brake suddenly.

*Know that you are riding something remotely controlled and although really, really rare, interference is possible.

Again, sorry to sound long winded but please go out and buy safety gear today, wrist protection and helmet should be no.1 and no.2 on the list and give our Longboard the same respect you would give anything else that can hurt or even kill you if not used correctly.

Electric Longboarding is fun, don’t make it painful.

Ride safe.

Lee, Magneto.