Electric Skateboard Freedom

Longboarding and all its disciplines comes from the human need to break boundaries and seek freedom in places that are humanly impossible- to test the limits of speed and danger that humankind can persevere and strive in. Every discipline of longboarding incorporates some sort of monumental freedom that isn’t attainable without the help of a 4-wheeled moving companion- whether it’s carving all over the sidewalk or dropping a curb, longboarding helps to free you from walking on two legs.

More and more, people are beginning to embrace speed and efficiency in their daily lives- it helps free up their time so they can use it on more productive things, such as working, or spending it doing something else that they like. Naturally, since most people spend most of their waking hours commuting to work or school or some other kind of routine commitment, they would want to cut down on commuting times. However, where they find that walking is too slow, their only other option of cycling is much too bulky and inconvenient for them- rather, they show up to their destination sweaty and smelly, and the extra hassle of showering at work again isn’t always a possibility or a desire for most normal people. You’d have to be incredibly productive and diligent to do that, which most people aren’t. Plus, there’s the whole problem of storing your bike, buying a lock, removing tires and whatnot, and that could waste a ton of time. The modern solution is the electric longboard. Wheels, effortless commuting in a small package? Sign me up! Some of these electric boards are small enough to fit under a desk or in the breakroom- all you have to do is carry it into your office and set it down. It frees up so much time and effort for you to spend on other things! That sounds like freedom to me.

More than that, with an electric longboard, you have a new, fun pastime to explore. Under your feet, you have a fast, nimble vehicle that can carry you into the mid 20s (miles per hour) where you can flow and breeze past others on your favorite cruising paths. You will get to see four times as much scenery in the same time! You can carve around, use all of the path- the road under your feet is yours. Imagine living on an escalator that takes you anywhere you want- that’s longboarding. Personally, I’ve found that after starting longboarding, my life has moved faster than it previously did- travel times were shorter, and I started to want things that were faster and more quickly paced. I didn’t like sitting around, waiting for things to be done; I wanted things now and that was the only way I could have it without becoming extremely impatient with the things around me, and it really upped by productivity. The freedom and motivation to do things quicker with a longboard was astounding.

Aside from electric longboarding, traditional longboarding has much in stock in terms of freedom- seeking adrenaline and breaking personal boundaries. The prime example is downhill longboarding- monumentally dangerous-looking sport where people on longboards race down steep hills at speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour, doing gnarly-looking slides with nothing but a shirt and shorts on. To put it poetically, downhill longboarding is a symbol for human’s need to fly- to go faster and do things that are impossible for the normal, unequipped human- we like the idea of soaring through the skies and breaking records and reading car speeds on a plank of wood with wheels on it. It’s the achievement of unrealistic, romanticized dreams. Personally, this is the sport that I indulge in. The sense of freedom when I get as the wind roars through my helmet, and the breeze I feel breathing through my shirt is incredible. Some of the most incredible friendships and professional relationships I have ever gained were through downhill longboarding, and year after year, I find myself reveling in its glory. I recommend the sport to anyone who loves adrenaline and also appreciates a nicely sized friend group full of people who appreciate similar things.

I loved the feeling of being uninhibited by my humanly features- my legs are slow, my endurance is horrible, and I don’t think I could possibly run for more than an hour. But on a longboard, the 3-minute-long, fast downhill cruises I was able to have freed me from my responsibilities and left me feeling refreshed after a day of hard work. Going home sweaty every time, I’ve never felt an ounce of regret for the road rash and bruises that I had accumulated over the day. Once you get used to having such an awesome release of stress and freedom, you never go back- getting injured after a fall and not being able to skateboard for a few weeks is like suffocating in a box for a few hours. It’s like mental torture!

Longboard dancing is also incredibly freedom-inspiring when you think about it- the gracefulness of riders on boards, moving at constant speeds while treating their platforms as stages to exhibit their mastery of balance and smooth moves is a freeing experience like none other- and it’s not easy. Longboard dancing takes years of practice, and the end result is many times, jaw-dropping when you show it off on the boardwalk. Personally, I was never good at it and I really wish I had practiced more before I gave up on it. Also, the many beautiful designs that dancing board companies offer these days are seductive and attractive, which gives you the freedom of choosing what you want your board style to be.

All in all, longboarding is one great way to introduce freedom into your daily life- it’s one of the best ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and when your comfort zone is really widened, that’s when the fun in life begins. Start now- get yourself a longboard and experience what I have! Always wear a helmet too! 

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