Amazing London at Christmas Electric Skateboard ride!

Last Friday myself and a You-Tuber called Ollie headed out for a skate on our Magneto electric skateboards.


What an awesome way to see London at such an amazing time of year, although the day did not start well! 

Poor Ollies board got run over by a car at the very start of the day! 

See the video below: 



Literally at the very start of the day! So it kind of made the day less fun for Ollie! We’re sending him new parts to get his Magneto Electric Longboard V1 repaired! 

Having said that, the sun was out, the weather relatively warm and just riding around London or any city on an electric skateboard is a liberating experience. Such an amazing way to take in the sights, the smells, the sounds. Of course, the main benefit being you can just pull up anytime and walk into any shop or Cafe’ with your board in tow. 

We took an Amazing route for anyone who is interested. 

We rode from the Tate gallery area, up past Big Ben then cut into St James Park to Hyde Park corner then through Hyde Park and finally finishing off around Covent Gardens! 

Stunning route! 

electric skateboard


Ollie was on great form and recorded the entire Skate albeit I’m sure he was tired pushing! Check out the video below.


That’s about it! But here at Magneto, we would Love to hear your favorite skate routes and rides! Post below and share if liked this! 

Peace and Love to all and of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS!