Looking after your Electric Longboard

electric longboard


Look after your Magneto electric longboard and it’ll look after you.


This post actually applies to most electric longboards/electric skateboards on the market at the moment. 

Only over the last few years have we been able to make batteries able to last long enough (ours 25KM range.)

and motors powerful, small and light enough to fit on a portable object able to carry a person at speed.

But here’s the thing…. 

Even though we have reached a point where we have technology able to carry a person 20 miles per hour and said device weighing only 6kg I get the impression that there is also an expectation that this stuff has to be in-destructable too. 

I spent 2 years riding prototypes and some of the bails and falls I had were spectacular, one standing out in particular:

I was on the top floor of a car park riding in the wet, I punched top speed on the remote and must of hit a divet in the concrete floor, the board come out from underneath me, I hit the deck and as I looked up I saw our precious magneto electric longboard hurtling into a solid wall at full speed, the bang echoed throughout the car park. I looked down at my thumb and I was still holding the throttle at FULL SPEED! oops. That was a 20mph mission into the concrete abyss, however to my surprise the Magneto survived! 

In terms of knocks and bumps our boards are impressive to be quite frank, I can’t guarantee every magneto board will survive a crash like that (and if you do crash your board and wreck it, it’s not covered under warranty so don’t ride like an idiot like me!)


Here are the top 4 things to be aware of and most are applicable to all electric longboards/skateboards in the market at present! 


1.) Skating downhill. 
Be careful riding your Magneto Electric Longboard down steep hills with the power on, the Magneto is ok with the occasional hill, but braking downhill continuously eventually wears the motor out and you will end up with a dead board, a new motor solves this problem.
When riding downhill switch the power off and skate the Magneto like a regular longboard, perhaps invest in some long boarding gloves for these parts of your journeys. 
2. ) Try not to get them wet 
 Our boards are splash resistant, not water proof. Riding through light rain or on a damp surface is fine but if you get the underside saturated by riding through puddles and in heavy rain, you could end up causing a problem with the electrics. You’ll need to put you board in a warm dry place for a few days and let it dry out, this usually cures it. 
3.) Bumpy, un-even surfaces
Riding on your Magneto Electric Longboard on very bumpy surfaces, like cobbled streets is not advised.
4.) protect the remote
Without a doubt the remote is the part that is the easiest to break so if you bail, of course- don’t die doing it, but protect the remote where possible and use the wrist-straps provided. 
I hope this post clears up some questions you might have. Our boards are Frickin’ awesome and we would rather be completely transparent so everyone can keep riding! If you don’t do any of the 4 listed above expect your electric longboard to serve you well, if you do give us a shout and we’ll help you diagnose any problems and send you the parts required to get back riding. 
Peace out, Magneto Electric Longboards