A brief moment into Skateboard History that shaped today

a history of the skateboard

“A brief moment into Skateboard History, Blind skateboards”


 Now lets take a step back to when most of us were sitting around in our underpants playing Mario Bros on the Nes. 

 Time to get Nostalgic

 I wonder if it wasn’t for pioneering companies like blind whether we would even exist, whether the electric skateboard would exist? Whether Skateboards would even be ridden in the present day? 

That’s why I decided to write a brief article about the pioneers of the skateboard back in the day. 

The topic of today’s discussion is “Blind Skateboards” which were considered the authority in the whole world in the early 90s, as Blind was on the peak of its success during that era. Skateboard history started with Blind and basically the company is a pioneer in the skateboard business. 

Blind is the renowned Skateboard Company established in 1989 by Mark Gonzales under the ownership of Steve Rocco’s World Industries Company.  The company’s name is result of the previous sponsors of Mark Gonzales known as Vision Skateboards. Mark Gonzales was the first skateboarder of the company who was in the professional field while the other well-known professional skateboarder Jason Lee was later added in to the company. Guy Marino, Rudy Johnson (From Powel Peralta) were then signed along with Jordan Richter as the vert riders of the company. Danny way another of the Blind’s skateboarder rode for only a brief period of time while the standard pink color vehicle and the skateboard of the company was intended and launched for Danny way. 

According to the Tireless wheels review of Blind skateboards, it is clearly stated that “Blind” was one of the largest skateboard companies in the entire world, because of enormous sale of company’s skateboards and jean’s products. 

Here’s the link to the Tireless wheels review of Blind skateboards: http://tirelesswheels.com/review-blind-skateboards/

The company relaunched its famous pink logo as the celebration of their successfully completed 21 years, and especially for celebrating the success of Blind’s 1990s global recognition.The company decided to incorporate the 90s design once again but in the meantime the company had the logo of stylised grim reaper.


A few features of Blind skateboards, which positions them among the top ten skateboards according to the skateboardabout.com list of top ten skateboard deck brands back in the 90s.

Check this out www.skateboard.about.com/od/boardmaintenance/tp/Top_Skateboard_Deck_Brands.htm

Electric longboard Safety.

Riding your Electric Longboard Safely.


This post will cover, riding Magneto with the power on and off, we will discuss riding your board at some points as if it were a regular longboard as some folks like to hop down a hill from time to time. (make sure you switch the power off).

Electric Longboarding or just longboarding can be an extraordinary approach to releasing yourself. Things can be disorganised and all around unpalatable at work or with companions occasionally, and flying down a road can be a damn decent approach to loosening up, hitting the Magneto acceleration button and just holding it there! However, as cool as the buzz may be, I have more than enough experience to let you know that you’ve gotta ensure you’re finding a way to verify you don’t wind up bleeding or worse. Alongside the correct safety gear, you ought to ensure you’re riding in the right places, because bailing at 20 mph is not going to do much damage, in fact, it’s pretty easy to just jump off the electric longboard and run alongside it, but slamming into something at 20mph, a tree, a car, a person! That’s when the paramedics arrive.

Protective Electric longboard Gear

Head protector/helmet

I’m beginning with the obvious, ensure your head remains on top of your shoulders and unharmed by wearing an appropriately fitting helmet.  Also…dump the earphones. It’s always better to have the ability to hear the activity, personally, when I ind top speed, I find the noise of the wind rushing past me pretty cool!

Slide Gloves:

Of course our boards come with a brake (must not be used with downhill riding) when switched on but if, in the event you decide to us it as a regular longboard, you’re going to need some decent longboarding gloves if you decide you actually like your digits where they are!

Knee and elbow pads: 

Everyone who rides realises that a tumble now and again is unavoidable. There are 2 types riders, those that have fallen and those that are going to fall. Since more often than not a fall is something you couldn’t have anticipated, wearing elbow and knee pads can be a decent approach and us at Magneto strongly advise it at all times. Since you can travel at a speed near that of a moped, the knee and elbow pads will prevent any serious injury to those areas allowing you to skid and go with the fall more, which lead me to the next paragraph.

Falling the right way:

If you end up very nearly falling and you have a few moments to respond, knowing the best possible approach to fall can spare you agony. Moving into and out of the fall, for an occasion, can spare your wrists and knees. Free runners are huge supporters for appropriate falling strategies and rolls. As an electric longboarder/longboarder, you can profit by some of what they’re teaching.

If you are pretty sure you are going to crash! Bail! As said before hitting something and jumping off and running with the board are 2 completely different things. 

Take the Lane:

(we need to say; Do not ride in traffic and on roads but we’re going to talk about it anyway as you probably will ignore that advice). Cars most likely won’t love you as you ride regardless of what they do, so to be protected when riding on open streets don’t start weaving left and right and verify you are “taking the path” Let the car’s pass you and of course keep out of the way.

Ride like a bicyclist, with the activity, not against it. Use, lanes provided and follow the highway code. (of course abiding by laws).

Just Ride During the Day:

When you ride during the evening, you could miss a potential hazard, things that could lead to a fall, things like glass, rocks, street kill, whatever… yet more terrible than not having the capacity to see is not being seen. In the event that you are crazy enough to ride during the evening, light up with a few LEDs for your protective head gear and/or board, also high visibility clothing.

Riding on busy pedestrian sidewalks/paths:

You should keep the board in a dead straight line as much as possible and do not exceed walking speed, however, we completely advise against this.

Lastly, Comply with the Rules/law of the Road, use cycle lanes and clears paths, this is the best way to ride an electric longboard.


Stay safe guys. Riding Magneto is fun, but it’s not worth getting injured over riding carelessly. 

What is the best electric skateboard?

Buying the best Electric Skateboard for you is a tough decision, we’ve compiled a chart to help you decide.





Top Speed




Side note



up 40 miles

20 mph

3 hours

as little as 15 lbs

$955.00 and up

Longest Range Board on the Market


Z-Board Classic

5 miles

15 mph

5–6 hours

33 lbs


Controls on board.


Z-Board Pro

10 miles

17 mph

5–6 hours

25 lbs


Controls on board.


Z-Board SF Special

18 miles

18 mph

5–6 hours

28 lbs


Controls on board.


Z-Board 2 Blue

16 miles

20 mph

1 1/2 hours

16 lbs


Controls on board.


Z-Board 2 Pearl

24 miles

20 mph

2 1/2 hours

18 lbs


Controls on board.


Yuneec E-GO

13 miles

12 mph

3–5 hours

14 lbs




Boosted Single

8 miles

18 mph

1 1/2 hours

13.5 lbs




Boosted Dual

7 miles

20 mph

1 1/2 hours

15 lbs




Boosted Dual+

7 miles

22 mph

1 1/2 hours

15 lbs





16 miles

25 mph

1 1/2 hours

9.9 lbs


Claims to be the lightest electric skateboard



6 miles

13 mph

1 1/2 hours

9 lbs


Smallest electric skateboard.


LEIF eSnowboard

8 miles

20 mph

1 1/2 hours

18 lbs


Emulates snowboard riding .experience.



9 miles

18 mph

2 hours

8.6 lbs





4 miles

15 mph

20 minutes

25 lbs





10 miles

24 mph

1 1/2 hours

12 lbs





18 miles


2-3 hours



Good top speed, range, weight and price. 


Mellowboard (Mellow Drive)

10 miles

25 mph

2 hours

5.5 lbs


Only drive system, mountable on any board. Water and dust proof.










Evolve Bamboo Street

19 miles

24 mph

3.5 hours

17 lbs




Evolve Bamboo All Terrain

9 miles

22 mph

3.5 hours

21.7 lbs




Evolve Carbon Street

25 miles

24 mph

4-5 hours

18 lbs




Evolve Carbon All Terrain

16 miles

22 mph

4-5 hours

23 lbs



Thanks Wikipedia by the way! Wiki link


Of course some people want the fastest, some people want the one that looks the coolest, some people want something different. 

There are weight sensing boards, off road boards, Electric Skateboards with Lead acid battery’s, heavy electric Skateboards and light ones! You need to decide what meets your criteria, what do you want from an Electric Skateboard?

Here are some things to think about.

Will you commute with it?

If you do it needs to light and portable. 

Whats your budget? Is money no object?

Do you care about value for money?

Do you plan to ride off road?

You’ll need big wheels! 

Do you plan to use your electric skateboard often?

You’ll need good range and a fast charge. 

Do you care about speed or handling or both? 

Look into the deck shape that suits you best, longboard style decks are best for speed and handling.

Do you plan to use an electric skateboard on commutes?

You’ll need a ride that is comfortable with high rebound wheels. 

Do you know the difference between lead acid and lithium powered Electric skateboards?

The battery is of massive importance and a lead acid battery, simply weighs more, takes longer to charge and doesn’t last as long as a lithium in terms of life span. 


Check out our spec and we feel it doesn’t lack in any area but we’ve armed you with some info, as we believe every rider should have the right electric skateboard for them. 

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Magneto, signing out. 


Electric Skateboards | Motorized Skateboards legal in California, will it happen elsewhere?

Electric Skateboard California

Electric skateboards legal in California, what are the odds the same law will catch on worldwide making motorized skateboards legal? 


So it’s looking good for Electric Skateboards and similar electric transportation devices in California! From January 2016 it’s becoming legal to ride electric skateboards where it is already legal to ride bicycles.

According to the wall street journal the legislation is a revision of the old ban in 1977 that restricted old school gas powered boards! The bill extended to other motorised devices also. Although apparently the law still allows local communities to officially ban electric boards in their area at their discretion. 

The news is massive to us and we’re so pleased, its completely illogical for the government to ban these devices in cycle areas or designated zones. I mean, its kind of a hypo-critical message with all governments preaching green and offering incentives for green living, where a Magneto Electric Skateboard you can ride for 18 miles on a single 2 hour charge, which will cost around 10 cents approx. 

Electric Skateboards used to be illegal in all public spaces, however they still will be able to regulate the use of them if and when they want to. 

Law: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201520160AB604

Our view on Electric Skateboarding in public areas and their legality. 

OK, of course seemingly we’re going to be coming from a biased place, as electric skateboards being fully legal everywhere in the world will do our sales a massive favour! Unfortunately in some countries  there are laws against riding electric skateboards on public roads and paths, although it is a grey area in most places as the technology is still new and it appears the most you will get from most law enforcement is a stern telling off and a slap on the wrist. 

Congestion in London below

Electric Skateboards london


Lets just make some points first

  • Electric Skateboards cost nothing to run (nearly) therefore offer a green solution.
  • Electric Skateboards can replace the journeys too far to walk but too close to get a Taxi. 
  • Countries such as Britain could massively de-congest the roads by offering more and larger lanes for electric transportation and bicycles, encouraging people to commute this way. 
  • Electric Skateboards fit on tubes, buses, trains and planes! therefore can be used at any part of the commute, making skateboarding more viable and versatile than cycling.
  • Why not? Our Magneto Electric Longboards literally weigh 6 kg, what harm will that do in terms of of property damage? Although I don’t agree with riding at 20 mph on a public path full of pedestrians. I hope nobody is stupid enough to do that!
  • I see the safety angle of riding electronic transportation in public places but why not make it the law that anyone riding electronic transport on public roads has to wear full protective gear and ride in designated areas, wheres the problem? You can of course checkout our riding advice guide


So we are hoping the governments around the world DO take note to how technology is evolving and offering a solution to common problems and that solution is right under the nose of all governments right now.

It will of course ease congestion, reduce greenhouse gases and offer wanna be skateboard riders the choice at least. 

Ultimately our honest opinion at Magneto is that governments around the world will become more relaxed with laws prohibiting the use of electric transportation and will wake up and start seeing the benefits of quieter roads and happier commuters!

AKA waking up and smelling the coffee! 

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Ride an Electric Skateboard like a Ninja

Electric longboard


First of all, I know this will seem like quite an un-conventional post for an Electric skateboard blog but bear with me… 

When I first started riding the proto-type Magneto, I noticed that after riding from my house to a friends, that I didn’t really recollect much of the journey, ‘I just arrived’. Ever had that? Not remembering anything specific about a certain event? 

OK, so what do I mean when I say ride an electric skateboard like a ninja? Do I mean riding around in full black, armed with death stars? 

Ha ha.. No! 

Have you ever heard of the term Satori? 

Although there are many definitions, Satori basically means; ‘no mind’ its being present and in the moment. Let me tell you something, ALL LIFE HAPPENS IN THE MOMENT. Some people get caught up wanting to be in the future and others get caught up in the past, Neither is good, since we are never in the future, nor are we in the past the only moment that counts is the present one. 

This is something the Ancient Japanese used to practice vigorously. 

The truth is; humans used to be a lot more present, due to the fact we used to face constant danger and if we were not in the moment we’d get caught off guard and eaten by a bear!

So I realised, every time I got on the Magneto Electric Skateboard… I needed to be switched on and sub-consciously I knew that if I make a mistake doing 20mph the consequences will probably hurt! Therefore, I noticed every time I took a ride, my brain is literally in my body, I’m feeling everything and completely focused on my body, the feeling of the board under my feet, the wind in my hair, the noise of cars going past, nothing else matters only the feeling of the moment there and then. 

I then started to notice the more I kept my focus like this whilst riding, my riding improved and I was calmer and able to hold my focus in other activities for longer too! Strange side affect from riding an electric skateboard eh!?

I’d suddenly come out of Satori every now and then and start thinking… I’d be like WOAH! I’m doing 20mph its gonna hurt if I fall off! My riding would go all sketchy, I’d tense up and start struggling to control the longboard under my feet, because my mind is in the future and thinking of possible consequences. 

We are essentially talking about meditating and skateboarding in the same post here. Yup, deep. 


Not thinking and feeling your body is a form of meditating, its something a lot of people try and struggle to do but mediating has so many benefits and I found whenever I rode my board thats exactly what I did, I’d clear my head and be fully in my body and arrive to where ever I was going clear and in a good state of being. 

When ever we’re doing an activity that requires a flow state and it’s moderately dangerous the hard wiring in the human brain’s takes us straight into presence.

So ride like a ninja, keep your head off what you’re doing, keep clear and just ride, seriously just ride. There is nothing else.

I imagine some people reading this that were expecting a cool post about being a ninja skateboarding throwing death stars around and I’m talking about meditating but trust me, if you’re into extreme sports, you are already addicted to this feeling. Its hard to explain, but being completely out of your head and 100% in the moment is addictive as hell!

Can you imagine a long boarder riding 60mph down a hill is thinking of something better to do? Its being right in the moment, right in that moment is where he wants to be, all the shit thats happened in the past is irrelevant, the exams he has next week are meaningless, right there and then while he’s hitting 60mph around a bend……..Thats where he is. 

The best thing now is all you have to do is turn on your skateboard and press up to go! For that exhilarating feeling time and time again!

Ride with presence. Be in the moment, that’s all that counts and that’s when we’re at our best.

 Check out the Magneto here

Why The Electric longboard is better than the futuristic hover board seen in Back to the Future

Why The Electric Longboard is better than Hover boards!


Electric skateboards


  • So we all remember the hover-board Hoax! here’s why you should be more excited about our Magneto electric skateboards! Faster, MUCH faster! Our boards will hit 30KPH, in the film back to the future, Marty has to put a hell of a lot of effort into making his board Gooooo anywhere! Electric skateboards are effortless!


  • Real Hover boards ACTUALLY exist, but guess what…. They only work above metal! Hmmmm..Good luck with that!


  • Lets respect the real technology here, the technology to make an electric device that weighs just 6KG and can a human of 107KG and propel them to 30KPH is just immense, but thats the half of it, it rides like an extension of you’re body and will cover a 25KM range. Just absorb that for a second….. This technology just wasn’t around up until a year ago!



  • Lexus are making their prototype hover board….Can you imagine how expensive its going to be?$1000s!


  • Hover boards don’t work on water. Ahhhhh, just kidding, electric longboard’s don’t either, but they handle like an extension of your body on most terrain, unlike the hover board which I imagine handling like a 20 metre barge! Hypothetical speculation of course!


Thanks for reading our post on the Electric Longboard slash Electric Skateboards!



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